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Tommy Gun's Hair Care

Tommy Gun freely admits that hair is his career, his hobby and his obsession. Ever since he first began as an apprentice in a small barber shop in a small city, he has been ambitious. He has established a name for himself as a session artist and a leading educator, yet he is still in his early 30s.

An award-winning barber, Tommy has gained a lot of knowledge and experience in the hair industry, which continues to experience rapid changes in artistry. Tommy has won many awards and worked backstage at New York Fashion and London Fashion Week. Yet, this was not a career he had planned for himself, here is his story:

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Our Services

Hair Cleaning and Conditioning

Here are some
hints and tips about hair cleaning and conditioning from a professional perspective

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Treatment of Hair Damage

Here we will look at some of the techniques and treatments for damaged hair, as well as gentle shampoos, conditioners and styling products to help bring your wrecked tresses back to life.

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Hair Styling Tools

Compiled here is an essential checklist of
hair styling tools everyone should own from hair
irons to hot rollers and hairbrushes to hair clippers:

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Our Team

Tommy Gun - barber
Tommy Gun
Emma Johnson - hair cuter
Emma Johnson
Hair Cuter
David Jean - shaver
David Jean
Maggie Ostin - hair cuter
Maggie Ostin
Hair cuter
Lian Chan - barber
Lian Chao
Stan James - shaver
Stan James
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Here's more about Tommy Gun

Starting out

Tommy creates new collections to express his creative vision, which balances with his salon work which largely focuses on more conservative cuts and colour done exceptionally well. He works hard to keep on top of what is current, what is about to change by using Instagram and following other artists and those working in fashion. Even if the client does not want the latest or upcoming trend, they expect Tommy to know what that is.

Collections are also part of Tommy’s ongoing education as a hairdresser as he constantly challenges himself to go outside his comfort zone and also take on new courses. There will always be something new to learn.

Tommy has won several barber awards

Proudest moment

Over the years Tommy has won several awards and worked on the cover on many magazines. His first cover for Fashion Live was particularly special, being the first time, he was able to walk into a shop and see his work on the cover. Even now, when he sees his work on the cover, it is a very proud moment.

Awards have come from the North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA) and an award from contemporaries at the Schwarzkopf Professional Hairdressing Awards, which has opened doors to enable Tommy to work at New York Fashion Week and London Fashion Week with some of the world’s leading designers.

If Tommy had to go on a photoshoot and only take three hairstyling tools, they would be a deep waver to create movement and texture, a hair clipper with guides, combs and other attachments as the second item and a Mason Pearson brush, which he calls his extra pair of hands.

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