15 Years Of Experience

Tommy Gun freely admits that hair is his career, his hobby and his obsession. Ever since he first began as an apprentice in a small barber shop in a small city, he has been ambitious. He has established a name for himself as a session artist and a leading educator, yet he is still in his early 30s. An award-winning barber, Tommy has gained a lot of knowledge and experience in the hair industry, which continues to experience rapid changes in artistry. Tommy has won many awards and worked backstage at New York Fashion and London Fashion Week. Yet, this was not a career he had planned for himself, here is his story:

Starting out

Whilst at University studying Sports Management, he was offered a Saturday job washing hair in a local salon and took on the job purely for the pay. Yet before long, the bug had hit, and he found that he liked working in a creative environment that made people feel better about themselves. His love of people and his will to work hard without really caring about the lower wage than most other profession was due to his wish to have a great lifestyle and unlimited creativity. This ambition meant that he was OK to start with sweeping floors, making coffee and washing hair as everyone in the trad starts at the bottom before they can be at the top.

Tommy Gun’s shaving brush tool


Dropping out of university to take up an apprenticeship, Tommy was ambitions for more and ended up moving to the city to finish his apprenticeship at the best salon in the region. The hardest thing he found to learn as a hairdresser was not related directly to hair but was the skill to really listen to what the client wants and being aware of what they are not saying too. His ability to translate client wishes to dream hair has seen him maintain an extensive client list.

Tommy Gun's Salons


Tommy Gun has two salons that customise the need of all its clients. The first to be opened was his salon, followed later by the Gents barbershop. Tommy is proud to be the owner and hairstylist of his salons, helping all who sit in his chair feel great about themselves. Part of what makes owning the salon so great for him is the chance to meet so many new people each and every day since everyone has a different story and wants a different look which he helps them to achieve and leave happy.

With the barbershop, Tommy has re-created the traditional barbershop experience, giving it a place in the community. Tommy and the team of five that he mentors are keen to make those who come and sit in the barber’s chair leave not only looking good but feeling good too, back to be the best version of themselves. Beyond the cut and styling, the shop offers the security for clients to properly relax and let down their guard, thereby ensuring that Tommy Gun’s is not a business that is solely focused on looking-good but is also in the feel-good business.

Editorial hairdressing

Tommy was inspired to do editorial hairdressing on shoots and campaigns after assisting Garren, a quintessential salon professional and fashion leader. At this time, he was mentored and able to ask questions, whilst he also fine-tuned his own fashion perspective and watched how other editorial hairdressers set themselves apart and keep up in a constantly moving industry.

Thanks to being partly creative, technical, psychological and with a healthy dose of business acumen, Tommy works four days a week with clients at his salon, one day on business administration and the other two days preparing for or being part of shoots and campaigns. Tommy enjoys the different challenges offered by everyday hairstyling in his salon when compared to his work as an editorial stylist in charge of choosing the look of the model before a photoshoot. These photographs have been used in print and digital ads, album covers, magazine spreads and other visual creations. He knows that his clients depend on him to be well informed to make sure that the styles are the best possible, even if the final look suggests that no hairstylist has been involved at all, but yet it is a vital piece of a jigsaw to create the mood or feeling required by the client.