The Importance of a Hairstyle

Hairstyles can reflect personality in the same way as clothes, makeup, jewellery and tattoos. Whilst most people do style their hair, many are not aware of just how much a good hairstyle can affect not just the way we look, but also self-confidence. There is a vast range of hairstyles to suit every face shape and hair type, so taking care of a style should be important to us all.


If you want to look like a rock star, like Elvis (pompadour hairstyle) or a like Brigitte Bardot (grown out shag hairstyle), the way you style your hair will immediately change your appearance, so you look like the character you want to be, it’s not just about getting the right outfit, makeup or accessories.

Different Hair Styles

Who you are

At work, if your hair looks like it hasn’t seen a comb for a while, it will not matter if you have dressed to impress with a sharp suit, as your hair will give the impression that you don’t care about self-grooming or hygiene, or that you have low self-esteem, this is because a good hairstyle is impossible with unhealthy hair. A good haircut will allow for a style that you want to give the impression you want.

Confidence Boost

Nearly everyone feels a boost of confidence after having a new hairstyle. When you know, you look good, that increases confidence. We know this as each of us knows that a bad hair day means it’s a bad day. Admiring your own looks means that you can concentrate on other things instead of fretting about what others might think of you. A good hairstyle can be powerful enough to make you look glamorous or sharp even with a simple outfit.

Changed perspective

It is always your choice how your haircut and styling is to be done. A new hairstyle can lift your spirits. A new hairstyle will have people noticing you for all the right reasons, even subconsciously as they admire your new look. With this appreciation, many people slot more easily into a clearer perspective.

A new hairstyle can make you a new person, the person who wish to be. Even if you choose an unusual hairstyle, like dreadlocks for example, if you keep your hair neat and presentable people will look past preconceived notions of this and other urban hairstyles.

Make a statement

Your hairstyle is an extension of yourself, projecting to the world who you are which affects the way they interact with you. In an ideal world, we would not judge people on their looks, but the fact is that we do. Whether we care to admit it or not, we size people up and label them within seconds of meeting. It’s unfortunate that society judges so unfairly on physical appearance, but everyone does it. Yet picking the right hairstyle and colour that matches the shape of your face and complements your skin colour and features can create the wow factor.

Hairstyles that make a statement are often topics of conversation, but then so are most hairstyles. In the run-up to the royal wedding of Prince William to Catherine Middleton, the betting companies offered bets on what hairstyle William would sport on the day. There were low odds that he would carry off a buzz-cut, a shaved head, a hair transplant and with the longest odds at 100/1 a ponytail or wig.

Focus on your hair style more

Be a head turner

Just by taking a bit of time to look attractive, with a fabulous hairstyle, you can be turning heads. This admiration, perhaps even a second look by someone, will be very flattering and help you feel positive. By focusing a bit more attention on the way we look, we really can change the way people see us.

While a hairstyle cannot determine a person's character, integrity or make a person whole and secure. it does have a great significance because it is a symbol and representation of the individual. Professional hairstylists understand the importance of a hairstyle for clients and build their careers by helping clients to achieve the right style for them. Finding the best hairdresser to the right style can be half the battle.