Hair styling tools

There are many tools available that help to create all types of great hairstyles. Compiled here is an essential checklist of hair styling tools everyone should own from hair irons to hot rollers and hairbrushes to hair clippers:

Hair irons

A hair iron changes the structure of the hair using heat and being multi-purpose, they can create sleek and straight locks but also crimped styles from the 1990s to effortless beach waves. You can buy one hair iron with different wands or choose an individual hair straightener or curling iron.

Different types of hair irons

Ceramic flat iron / hair straightener

Ceramic flat irons are the most popular because the technology helps create negative ions, which reduces static which helps keep hair smooth, silky and frizz-free. These are excellent for straightening waves or removing frizziness for a smooth and elegant finish.

Curling iron / curling wand / curling tong

A curling iron is a wand that gives the best spiral curls, adding a mass of volume to your hair, from small loops to big curls. There is a difference between a wand and a tong? A wand is a clampless, conical device, making it one of the best hair styling tools for creating soft, beachy curls. A tong is the more traditional clamped curler, which tends to create more defined, ringlet-type curls.

Deep waver

Used in the same way as a straightener, this newer tool creates beachy waves even for those with pin straight hair. It adds new life and a young vibe without making it too curly.

Hot Rollers

Rollers are not just for grandma. Heated rollers are very easy to use and add much volume through hair that stays curled. Hot rollers heat up instantly, which means you can create big glamorous Hollywood waves on a night out without having to wait hours. They can also help create more volume around the crown. But you have to be careful beacause the heat can damage your hair.

Hairdryers / blow-dryers

Used for speedy drying times, hair dryers can also be used as styling tools to create sleek, salon-style looks, define natural curls and straighten out any kinks. You can choose from a wide range of dryers from ceramic and ionic dryers to diffusers, with different heat settings and more.

The difference between an ionic hairdryer and a normal hairdryer is how the dryer takes the water from your hair. An ionic hairdryer will boost the negative ions, which in turn will dry your hair from the inside out, whereas a normal hairdryer dries from the outside in.


Whether it’s creating a parting, backcombing for volume or aiding the distribution of hair masks, it’s good to have a variety of hairbrushes. Simply, a flat brush is normally used for detangling neat and tidy hair and a round brush for styling and curling hair. A paddle brush is used to straighten hair whilst at the same time removing loose hairs and in increasing circulation to the scalp. Using a vented round brush with a blow dryer will create additional volume in just minutes.


Did you know that combs are among the oldest tools found by archaeologists, having been discovered in settlements dating back to 5000 years ago in Persia? Whilst we all know what combs are for, the shampoo comb is a newer arrival. Hair is vulnerable when wet and can easily break when brushed, but with a shampoo comb the tangles are easily got rid of, and within weeks your hair will feel much better.

Hair clippers

Hair clippers are available in differing grades from bargain consumer units to high-end professional units which are built to withstand continuous use but are otherwise not much different in quality. Most hair clippers come in sets to include several accessories such as clipper guides, combs and other attachments. The perfect clippers depend on the styles you want to create, with some allowing the blade angles to be adjusted. This is useful if you want to maintain a uniform length across your whole head. When it comes to clipper guard lengths, a grade 7 or 8 leaves 25mm or so of growth; below grade 4, and it is a much closer shave, so make sure the clippers you choose have the right guards for your style.

different types of hairbrushes and combs