Top 5 woman's hairstyles

for 2018

There have been some new hair trends in 2018, trends that have celebrated natural, unfussy textures and interesting cuts. This means that when looking for a haircut that suits your style, it will likely be low-maintenance whilst at the same time celebrating your natural beauty.

Blunt bob with bangs

In 2018, it was time for the lob (long bob) to become an inch or two shorter. The lob cut just above the shoulders, at shoulder level or just below now sits at the level of the ears, below the ears or above shoulders. For a change that is even more dramatic, add blunt bangs (fringe), which means that the hair is cut straight across the forehead that is similar to straight-across bangs, but thicker and sometimes looking heavier by the stylist trimming thin layers of hair with a thinning razor or other hairstyling tools.

You can also try a blunt bob with a few long layers, with the bangs be slightly layered and longer on the sides. Curtain bangs are a good idea for those who like their current cut but want an update.

The blunt bob with bangs hairstyle
the new grown-out shag hairstyle

Grown-out shag

Inspired by iconic styles worn by Farah Fawcett and Brigette Bardot, the shag features some sort of wispy bangs, a centre parting, and close-cropped layers. Great for those growing out lobs, the edgy style of the grown-out shag can be both worn anywhere between the extremes of messy and straight, which is why the style has been seen on so many in 2018. Whilst Alexa Chung has worn this style for years, perhaps one of the best examples of the style in 2018 was Jessica Biel’s long, shaggy layers with long, centre-parted bangs that blended into the rest of her layers, providing proof that you can grow out the lob cut gracefully as an intentional style.

Lengthened pixie

Lengthened pixie hairstyles are a beautiful way to wear short hair, whilst looking glamorous, elegant and sophisticated. Keeping some length on top provides the opportunity for a few more styling options. With layers, the lengthened pixie cut is also good for thin hair with either a wispy look or with a round baseline. The best part of layering various lengths of hair strands means that it adds volume, without the use of products. A messy asymmetrical pixie cut with a deep side parting creates a dramatic look for both hipsters and bohemians. Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus have both sported an undercut pixie for a fun look. The style is created by shaving the hair at the back of the head and leaving the longer lengths to fall freely over the shaved section.

Info about the pixie hairstyle
Check out the superlong hair hairstyle

Superlong hair

Superlong hair is the 1970s inspired hair length which for some can only be achieved by clipping in a set of extensions. Superlong hair can also be too heavy for some, in which case layered cuts are the best solution. A layered haircut adds volume to long hair and allows for flexibility when styling.

What works well is long layers at the back and smooth, graded layers to frame the face, cutting the shortest layer to highlight the most flattering point on your face, which for most women is either the cheekbones or the chin. Superlong bangs can be styled to either side or straight. Long layers that blend with one another look sleek, while a long shag hairstyle looks messier.

Chin-grazing bob

The perfect chin-grazing bob length is a perennial favourite and can be made fresh and modern by going all natural. Long layers can be added for increased volume and shape, but the styling is only emphasising rather than changes the style.

This is the perfect style for those growing out a short cut or for those who have thick hair type. Start with full bangs that lead into deep top layers and angles down to the chin. Add volume by blow-drying with a round brush and adding colours can make a big difference too whether warm browns of chestnut and caramel to break up the bluntness or go for bold orange or pink that will complement the cut. Funky styles can be created with hair products like gel to create a bigger, better look.

Fresh new hairstyle - the chin-grazing bob hairstyle